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Netbackup Appliance 3.1.2 (Article 100044386)



Netbackup Virtual Appliance 3.1.2 (Article 100044386)


To download and install the EEB on an appliance (either configured or not configured):

1. Log in to the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu (shell menu) and navigate to the following menu:

Main_Menu > Manage > Software

2. Run the following command to open a share on the appliance:

Share Open

3. Mount the share folder on the host to where you want to download the EEB, as follows:


4. Copy the EEB to the mounted share folder.

5. Return to the shell menu on the appliance and run the following command to close the share:

Manage > Software > Share Close

6. To verify that the EEB was downloaded, run the following command:

Manage > Software > List downloaded

7. Run the appropriate command to install the listed EEB, for example:

For version 3.1.2:

Install NBAPP_EEB_ET3965527-

Verification of Fix

After successful EEB installation, navigate to Monitor > Hardware ShowHealth commands on the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu eshould provide the expected and correct output.

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