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Appliance Management Server 2.1



Appliance Management Server 2.1 provides new functionality for managing NetBackup and Flex appliances



Appliance Management Server 2.1 can be deployed on NetBackup Appliance (NBA), NetBackup Virtual Appliance (NBVA) or as a docker container on customers own Linux server.

Main features included in this release:

  1. Managing Flex Appliances
    • Appliance Management console can be used to start/stop NetBackup instance running on Flex appliance
    • Flex appliance capacity information is included on Appliance Management console
    • Capacity report now includes capacity data for Flex appliances
  2. Managing NetBackup Appliances:
    • Install Security Pack: the "Maintenance Release" menu option can now be used to install NetBackup appliance Security Pack
    • Health Maintenance plug-in required for appliance upgrade readiness check can be installed using AMS
    • List of EEBs installed on appliance is synced with AMS every 15 minutes, this makes it easy to report up-to-date EEB information from AMS


Refer to Appliance Management Guide for more details

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