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NetBackup / Hotfix - MSDP Direct Cloud Tiering EEB bundle with the latest fixes (Etrack 4055084)

HotFix Critical


MSDP Direct Cloud Tiering EEB bundle with the latest fixes for


Veritas Bug ID: ET 4055084


Version:  NetBackup


Installation Location: Server (MSDP Cloud media server)


Problem Description: MSDP Direct Cloud Tiering EEB bundle with the latest fixes for


Fixes included this bundle:


ET 4054983: Add mutex for storageClassInfoMap to prevent ocsd panic
Concurrent updates of map are not supported so must be protected by a mutex.

ET 4052945: Use the port number specified by the user. 
For vtas-access the non-SSL port is 8143 not 80.
Avoid double append of port, when FIPS enabled.

ET 4066787: Use substring comparison for cloud provider instead of index comparison

ET 4065744: OCSD needs to set x-ms-access-tier to Archive during upload
Previously the CommitBlockList function in the Azure blob golang SDK did not support specifying a tier for the blob. To remedy this OCSD would upload it with the account tier (which had to be hot) and then move the blob into the appropriate tier (archive). Now that CommitBlockList supports direct upload to archive, 
this change allows OCSD to upload blobs directly to the archive tier when the blob is set to MightArchive.

ET 4069420: Ability to specify storage class option for msdpcldutil when uploading WORM conf files to cloud volume

ET 4071732: Backup job for NB Recovery Vault with WORM enabled failed with critical bptm error 'Failed to set WORM immutable and indelible lock for image: 
<image> with status: 2060022 software error'

ET 4079238: Treat 'us-east-1' and '' equivalent in region list for NBRV and amazon.
Work around a problem where NBRV has 'us-east-1' listed as the region ID for US East 1 where is ''.

ET 4078138: remove multiple versions of concerned file for non-worm but versioning bucket

ET 4086594: Load the lsu-worm.conf in Init() in OCSD.

ET 4089932: restore fail from WORM Cloud LSU

ET 4091249: Fix the update volume range issue.
Add the msdpcldutil update inherit command.

ET 4114813: Treat Recovery Vault amazon as amazon.

ET 4120887: Fix the ocsd core dump

ET 4125615: In AWS CLI, I was able to modify/ remove objects even after object lock on the bucket with immutable volume and bucket.

ET 4136545: Fail to set WORM retention in backup in AWS_RVLT.

ET 4156718: Bucket without S3 permission backups fails with status 252.

ET 4158071: catdbutil CLI is failing for AWS on Media server.

ET 4158409: catdbutil CLI is failing on Media server with backup admin credentials.


Version 15 Adds/Includes:

ET 4160003: Cloud space reclaim is not working for pre-10.2 releases after disabling worm image and expiration with bypass permission.

Installation Instructions: 


1. Stop NBU services.
2. Uninstall any previous version of this EEB (4055084 version 1 - 14) before installing.
3. If not an NBU appliance, please run the EEB installer.
4. Start NBU services.


Please follow the EEB Installer instructions below.


Using the NetBackup Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) installer


Installing EEBs/Add-ons on a NetBackup Flex Appliance

How to install client EEB's with VxUpdate


How to Add a VxUpdate file (SJA) to a Flex-based NetBackup Primary Server (




Binary Package Contents and checksums for all files (cksum):


File                                                                                    Checksum        Byte count
linuxR_x86/ocsd                                                             1273746534    33537234
linuxR_x86/msdpcldutil                                                 1048958506    19631762
linuxR_x86/    1452810108    5121


Recommended service state:

Stop NetBackup Media Manager services before applying this hotfix.


Applies to the following product releases

Update files

File name Description Version Platform Size