Veritas NetBackup™ Network Ports Reference Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.1.2)

Configuring ports for the NetBackup Web Services

The NetBackup installation process automatically runs the configurePorts script to configure NetBackup Web Services to run on any of the following sets of ports.

Table: Port sets for NetBackup Web Services

Port set

HTTPS port

Shutdown port

First set



Second set



Third set



If the configurePorts script does not find one of the sets free (for example 8443 and 8205), it logs an error to the following file:



UNIX and Linux:


On UNIX and Linux, the following appears on the NetBackup system console:

configurePorts: WmcPortsUpdater failed with exit status <status_code>

When this error occurs, use the following procedure on the master server to manually configure the ports. The configurePorts command is in the following location:



UNIX or Linux:



NetBackup Web Services on the master server require port 1024 or higher. Do not use a port number that is less than 1024. Ports that are less than 1024 are privileged and cannot be used with the NetBackup Web Services.

To configure ports for the NetBackup Web Services

  1. On the master server, enter the following to list the currently configured ports:

    configurePorts -status

    Example output:

    Current Https Port: 8443
    Current Shutdown Port: 8205
  2. Use the configurePorts command in the following format to re-configure a port:

    configurePorts -httpsPort https_port | -shutdownPort shutdown_port

    You can configure one or two ports at a time. For example, to configure the HTTPS port to 8553:

    configurePorts -httpsPort 8553


    Old Https Port: 8443
    New Https Port: 8553

    Use this command as needed to configure a set of ports for HTTPS and shutdown.

    See Table: Port sets for NetBackup Web Services for a list of the port sets.

  3. If the master server is in a clustered environment, do the following:

    • Make sure that the same set of ports are free on all the cluster nodes: Do step 1 on each node.

    • Reconfigure the ports on each node as required: Do step 2.

    • To override the ports that are used across all nodes, enter the following:

      configurePorts - overrideCluster true

      This command updates the following file on shared disk:



      UNIX or Linux:


      The NetBackup installer for Web Services uses this file during installation in a clustered mode.