Veritas NetBackup™ for MySQL Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (8.2)
Platform: Linux,UNIX,Windows

The nbmysql configuration file

The configuration file (nbmysql.conf) contains the parameters for the respective operations. It contains predefined settings and is located on the client. You can configure the parameters in the nbmysql.conf file or provide them on the command line, where the command line parameters take precedence. The nbmysql.conf file keeps you from providing the parameters every time you run operations. When parameters are not configured in the nbmysql.conf file, then the default parameter value takes precedence.

The nbmysql.conf file is located in the following locations:

  • (Windows) install_path\NBMySQLAgent_8.2_AMD64\nbmysql.conf .

  • (Linux (RHEL) install_path/NBMySQLAgent_8.2_linuxR_x86/nbmysql.conf.

  • (Linux SUSE) install_path/NBMySQLAgent_8.2_linuxS_x86/nbmysql.conf.

Creating the nbmysql configuration file

Starting from NetBackup 8.2, the nbmysql.conf file is not created by default when you install the agent on RHEL or SUSE. The existing configuration file is prevented from getting overwritten as the RPM installer simply overwrites any existing files in the destination directory /usr/NBMySQLAgent/.

If the nbmysql.conf file does not exist, you can create the file by running the backup utility command without any options. For example, run the ./nbmysql command. This command creates the default nbmysql.conf file.

Table: The nbmysql.conf parameters lists the nbmysql.conf parameters.

Table: The nbmysql.conf parameters



Required parameter for

Default value


Configures the MySQL database user name.

Backup and restore operations.

When you do not set the database user name, it defaults to root.


Configures the MySQL database server port number on which the backup or the restore has to be performed.

Restore operations

When you do not set the database server port, it defaults to 3306.


Configures the MySQL database hostname.

Non-LVM restore operations

No default value for this parameter. This parameter must be specified.


Configures the libmysql.dll// binary path. On Windows, the library directory is at MySQL server installed path.

On Linux, run the libmysqlclient command to locate the library path.

Backup operations

No default value for this parameter.


Specifies the NetBackup master server to run backups and restores.

Backup operations

No default value for this parameter.


Specifies the NetBackup DataStore policy name.

Backup operations

No default value for this parameter.


Identifies the backup schedule that you configured while creating the DataStore policy.

Backup operations

No default value for this parameter.


Defines the NetBackup MySQL client name.

Redirected restores and query backups.

When you do not set the NetBackup client, it defaults to the NetBackup master server.


(Linux) Specifies the snapshot size in kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes as K, M, or G respectively.

LVM backups

When you do not set the snapshot size, it defaults to MB.


Represents the backup image name. You can use this value to query, restore, or delete a specific backup.

To query, restore, or delete a backup using its backup image name.

No default value for this parameter.


Specifies the destination directory where you want to restore the backups.

Restore backups.

No default value for this parameter.


The NBMYSQL_LOG_LEVEL lets you set the logging level for the NetBackup MySQL logs. The default value is 1. For a particular logging level, all details at that level or lower are logged.

The MySQL debug logs includes the following verbose levels:

  • 1 - ERROR: Conditions that should be corrected, such as configuration errors.

  • 2 - WARN: Conditions that are not errors, but that might require special handling.

  • 3 - INFO: Informational messages

  • 4 - DEBUG: Debugging the messages that is used for troubleshooting.

The log levels help to control the amount of information that you want to access, when troubleshooting errors.

When you do not set nbmysql log level, it defaults to level 1.


Configures the nbmysql.conf log size in MB. When the log reaches the specified size, it overwrites the log information.

You can specify the value according to the events that you want to write into the logs.

When you do not specify the nbmysql log size, it defaults to 10MB.