Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance Upgrade Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (3.1.1)

About upgrades for NetBackup Appliance HA setups

The following describes the upgrade requirements for nodes in a high availability (HA) setup:

  • NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu

    Use this interface to upgrade the nodes.


    The Appliance Management Console does not support upgrades for HA nodes.

  • Two nodes in the HA setup

    HA nodes must be upgraded from within an HA setup that contains both nodes. If you remove a node from the HA setup, the node that remains in the setup cannot be upgraded.

  • One node at a time

    Only one node can be upgraded at a time so that the workload can continue on the other node.

  • One software version

    Both nodes must use the same appliance software version. Once you have upgraded one node, you must upgrade the other node immediately.

  • Node upgrade order

    Either node can be upgraded first. However, the node that runs the MSDP services cannot be upgraded while those services are in progress.

    The first node that is configured and then used to create the HA setup runs the MSDP services by default. To upgrade this node, you must first perform a switchover to transfer the MSDP services and workload to the partner node. After the upgrade on this node has completed, the upgrade process prompts you to perform the following tasks:

    • 1. On this node, run the Manage > High Availability > Switchover command to switch the MSDP service from the partner node over to this node.

    • 2. On this node, run the Support > Test Software command to verify the status of various appliance software components. If the test passes, log in to the partner node and upgrade it.

  • Downloading packages from the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu

    You only need to download rpm packages to one node. After you run the Manage > Software > List Downloaded command on the HA node with the downloaded package, run the command on the other node to make the package available on that node.

  • Re-enable the STIG feature

    If this feature was enabled before the upgrade, it must be re-enabled on each node after the upgrades have been completed.