PostgreSQL Databases not being detected after "Discovery Databases" within Netbackup WebUI

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Last Published: 2024-06-14
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PostgreSQL database(s) are not being discovered in the NetBackup WebUI,  this causes a delay/disruption in the backup process and hinders the ability to manage and monitor the database Postgres backups.

This issue impacts the overall functionality and user experience of the NetBackup system.


Error Message











One of root causes of the PostgreSQL database discovery issue in the NetBackup WebUI can be attributed to failure to obtain instance credentials.

Ask the Customer if Credentials used for Postgres contain special characters within the password? eg. "!£$%^&"


Credentials containing certain special characters can prevent the discovery of the PostgreSQL database.


To determine if this matches, first increase the logging on the Postgres Client


vxlogcfg -a -p 51216 -o 520 -s DiagnosticLevel=6 -s DebugLevel=6 (ncfpostgresqlpi)

vxlogcfg -a -p 51216 -o 366 -s DiagnosticLevel=6 -s DebugLevel=6 (ncfnbcs)

vxlogcfg -a -p 51216 -o 306 -s DiagnosticLevel=6 -s DebugLevel=6 (ncf)

Ensure the following directory is created:

# /usr/openv/logs/ncfnbcs


Rerun the "Discover databases" on Postgres Node. This should populate /usr/openv/logs/ncfnbcs directory.

Pattern may match below:

[DeepDiscovery::addInstances] Fetching Credentials for Instancepostgres-linux-5432 ;Port : 5432 ; CredName : <PostgreSQLCredential> (../helper/DeepDiscovery.cpp:248)

[DeepDiscovery::getCredential] Going to parse the JSON response from CMS for: <> (../helper/DeepDiscovery.cpp:84)

[DeepDiscovery::getCredential] Going to parse the JSON response from CMS for: <PostgreSQLCredential> (../helper/DeepDiscovery.cpp:98)

[DeepDiscovery::getCredential] Successfully parsed credentials (../helper/DeepDiscovery.cpp:107)

[DeepDiscovery::addInstances] Deep Discovery started for instance : postgres-linux-5432 on host : <> (../helper/DeepDiscovery.cpp:263)

[DeepDiscovery::addInstances] Failed to get PostgresqlMasterInfo for instance : postgres-linux-5432 on host : <> (../helper/DeepDiscovery.cpp:272)


[No context] [Error] V-520-2 Unable to obtain instance credentials.

[No context] [Error] V-520-2 Unable to obtain instance credentials.



Review the ncfnbcs log on the Postgres client

To resolve the PostgreSQL database discovery issue in the NetBackup WebUI, follow the steps below:

1) Create new Credentials for Postgres using a user with just alpha and numerical characters.

  • Log in to the NetBackup WebUI 
  • Navigate to https://<primary_server>/webui/credentials/named-credentials
  • Create New Credentials 
  • Navigate to https://<primary_server>/webui/postgresql/instances
  • Assign the new credentials to the PostgreSQL database.


2) Test Database Discovery:

  • Perform a test backup job for the PostgreSQL database using the NetBackup WebUI.
  • Complete Protection Plan configuration and verify that the backup job completes successfully and the database is being discovered and backed up.


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