Replicated images on target Primary server expire before expected time

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Last Published: 2023-10-19
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Images replicated to target Primary Server have incorrect retention levels causing images to expire unexpectedly.

No error, but some images will not be displayed for restore because they have already expired.

Versions Affected

NetBackup 10.1

NetBackup 10.1.1

This problem can occur under the following conditions:


  • Primary server with at least one MSDP storage server configured
  • At least one Remote Primary Server (Replication Target for images)
  • SLP Configuration as follows:

Source Primary SLP - “Cascading” configuration similar to:

  • Operation 1 – Backup | Expiration: Retention Level X
    • Operation 2 – Duplicate from backup | Source: Operation 1 (Backup) | Retention Level Y
      • Operation 3 – Replication to remote primary | Source: Operation 2 (Duplicate) | Retention Level Z

 Target Primary Import SLP:

  • Any combination of operations with at least 1 copy set to Remote Expiration

Once the image is imported in the Target Primary domain, the image copy from the operation which has “Remote Expiration” set will instead have the expiration date associated with the Duplicate Operation from the Source SLP (Retention Level Y). That is, the retention level is set to the Retention Level of the Source Operation of the Replication Operation. Expectation: image copy on Target Primary with “Remote Expiration” has expiration date consistent with Retention Level Z from the Source SLP.

The IM fragment for the replicated image is NOT marked for AIR replication on the Source Primary and therefore inherits the wrong retention level/expiration date.  

When using non-MSDP OST servers (For example, Quantum DXI or Data Domain), the Replication operation in the Source SLP fails because TIR and IM fragments are not created, however IM fragments are always created with MSDP storage and thus the replication is successful.

This issue affects NetBackup 10.1 and NetBackup 10.1.1. It is resolved in NetBackup 10.2.

Action Required

Install EEB onto Primary Server based on NetBackup version installed.

For NetBackup 10.1 install:

NetBackup 10.1 Hotfix - Replicated images on target Primary server expire before expected time (etrack 4097109)

For NetBackup 10.1.1 install:

NetBackup 10.1.1 Hotfix - Replicated images on target Primary server expire before expected time (etrack 4105426)



Etrack : 4127959

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