How to Recover a deleted Microsoft 365 user

How to Recover a deleted Microsoft 365 user

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Last Published: 2021-11-10
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If a Microsoft 365 user is deleted, first re-create the user in Microsoft. The same email address can be used as the original user, but Microsoft will assign the user a new user ID. 

Then using the Restore Wizard in Veritas SaaS Backup(VSB) console the data can be imported back to the user from an appropriate snapshot.

Note: It is not possible to use the restore feature because VSB can only restore user data in place if the IDs are the same (i.e., if the original user still exists).

To import a user's Exchange data data:

1. Find the connector where the data needs to be imported to and then open the import wizard by selecting the Restore icon.

2. Select Import, select the connector from which the data needs to be imported, and then select Next.

3. Select a snapshot from the time, the restore is required from and select Next.

4. Select Exchange, and then select Next.

5. Select Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and In-Place Archive to bring back all of the user's data, and then close the data types section by selecting the down arrow.

6. On the left under Target connector (the connector where the data is being imported to), find the newly created user in which the data will be imported. To the left of that user, in the drop-down list find and select the original user.

7. Select Next.

8. Select how to handle duplicates and select Next.

Note: The In-place method will automatically be selected. Imported data is always brought back to Microsoft to the location corresponding to the data type.

Since it will be bringing back data to a newly created user, there will be no duplicates - so either of the available options can be selected - 

  • Skip duplicate items:
  • Rename duplicate items:

9. Review the summary and select Import.

Once the Exchange data is imported, the same needs to be done for user's OneDrive data.

Repeat the same steps as above.

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