Backup Exec RALUS Agent installer on Red Hat Linux 8.x and Oracle Linux 8.x displays a pre-requisite warning of libnsl package not found.

Backup Exec RALUS Agent installer on Red Hat Linux 8.x and Oracle Linux 8.x displays a pre-requisite warning of libnsl package not found.

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Last Published: 2021-01-20
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Backup Exec RALUS Agent installer displays a pre-requisite warning when installing Backup Exec agent on Linux servers that it is unable to find the libnsl package on the machine.

Error Message


On Red Hat Linux 8.x and Oracle Linux 8.x systems, the packaging of library libnsl has been discontinued in systems installed using default settings. libnsl is the network services library which is needed to support network services for an application and is by default not installed on some Linux systems. Backup Exec Agent for Linux depends on this library to run properly.



Perform the following steps on the Linux machine:

1)   Check if file exists in folder /lib64 or /lib

2)   If file is not found, check if there are any other files named<number> in these folders.

3)   If there is any other file named<number>, then run the following soft link command :

ln -sf<number>

This command will create a soft link in the folder with file named

4)   If there are no files with<number> name are present it means that libnsl package is not installed and should be manually installed on the machine.

5)   Download the libnsl package valid for your Operating System or mount the Linux ISO on server to install the libnsl package on the server.

6)   Once the libnsl package is installed on Linux server perform steps 1 to 3 again to make sure that file exists.

7)   Go to /opt/VRTSralus/bin and run command “./VRTSralus.init start”, Backup Exec Agent for Linux would now start up successfully.


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