How to manage Veritas Saas Backup logon account

How to manage Veritas Saas Backup logon account

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Last Published: 2019-09-02
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Veritas SaaS Backup (VSB) Logon Accounts

Veritas Saas Backup (VSB) requires login credentials in order to display connectors and other details around the VSB account. In order to acquire VSB credentials and to know more about VSB, please visit Veritas Saas Backup website at below URL:

Once Backup Exec user has VSB credentials available, same can be used from Backup Exec UI to be able to logon to the VSB portal. Once logged in Backup Exec, provides new functionality to Backup Exec administrators by enabling them to check VSB Jobs reports. A VSB administrator can leverage Backup Exec reporting infrastructure to understand how the VSB jobs are performing.

VSB Regions supported by Backup Exec

Backup Exec provides support for 3 VSB regions, i.e Europe, US and Australia. When creating the VSB Logon account, user needs to be aware of region their VSB account is aligned to. User is required to provide user name, password and region to authenticate to the VSB portal.

Editing the Account

Once created, a VSB Logon account can be deleted and recreated if there is a change in VSB credentials. Backup Exec User Interface provides an option to edit logon account if user wishes to modify the account identifier.

Jobs Summary Report

Once user is done creating a VSB Logon Account in Backup Exec, reports can be created from the Backup Exec UI. Currently, Backup Exec supports creating Jobs Summary report for VSB account. The Jobs Summary report fetches data from both Backup Exec and VSB databases to and shows a cumulative report, providing Backup Administrator a centralized view for the overall backup health.

Details on how it works:

1.       Media Server must be connected to internet for this feature to work.

2.       Only 1 VSB account is supported per Media Server.

3.       Once a VSB logon account is created in Backup Exec UI, Jobs summary report will continue to show VSB data. If user wishes to disable showing VSB data, the VSB Logon account needs to be deleted.

4.       After the creation of VSB Logon Account, Backup Exec queries the VSB portal every 6 hours to fetch the latest data. This data is then stored in Backup Exec database. When the report job runs, it fetches this information from Backup Exec database and displays in the report. There is a section in the report which displays the last queried time which will be older than the time of running the report job.

5.       The default query interval of 6 hours can be modified by editing the registry value “UpdateIntervalinMinutes” under the registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\Backup Exec For Windows\Backup Exec\Server\VSBConnector”. This can be set to desired value of minutes interval VSB query is required.

6.       Jobs Summary report can display only upto last 7 days of data. If there is a desire to increase this, please contact Veritas Technical Support.

7.       Please contact Technical Support if there are any errors encountered during VSB query. In case of failure, an alert is displayed as Backup Exec Error. In order to troubleshoot, connectivity issues, check following:

a) Ensure internet connectivity.
b) Ensure correct credentials were provided. Try deleting and recreating the VSB Logon Account.
c) Ensure the machine is synchronized with internet time.
d) Check VSB for Account expiry of password change.
e) If none of the above works, please contact Veritas Technical Support.

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