NetBackup Replication Director Tools for NetApp Storage Systems

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Last Published: 2017-11-02
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Product(s): NetBackup & Alta Data Protection

This page contains various tools for setting up, configuring, and verifying NetBackup Replication Director for use with NetApp storage systems.

These tools are for NetBackup Replication Director 7.5.x and later.

Perl 5.10 or newer is required for the Perl scripts.

The tools are attached to this document and include the following:

  • “Pre-flight” checklists that help to verify that the NetApp environment is ready for usage by NetBackup Replication Director.
  • NetApp Readiness Checker

This Perl script is run on the OnCommand server (DFM) and helps to validate the environment for use by NetBackup Replication Director. The tool below is used to automatically verify the checklists.  It can also be used for troubleshooting purposes.  See the documentation in the .zip file for more information.


This Perl script is run on the NetBackup master server. It helps to verify that the NetBackup environment is ready for use by NetBackup Replication Director.  The script tests the setup by first performing a snapshot of data and then automatically expiring that test catalog image.

It creates the necessary structures (storage units, SLP, backup policy) as needed and will reuse these whenever possible on a system that already is otherwise configured for Replication Director.  If it reuses existing resources in NetBackup, it will leave these in place.

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