How to use NetBackup plug-ins and agents: download, install, and availability information

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Last Published: 2020-01-21
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Product(s): NetBackup & Alta Data Protection

Veritas is pleased to announce support for modern, next-generation workloads and hyper-converged infrastructure environments in NetBackup.

Agent and Plugin Listing:

Customers with a valid License Entitlement identified in the below table may download the applicable plugin or agent from Click Licensing and on the Veritas Account Manager page, enter your user credentials to access your Veritas account. You will be directed to the Veritas Entitlement Management System page where you can download the applicable plugin or agent.

Note: Support is available to customers who are entitled with a valid license mentioned in the following table. Also, review the NetBackup Master Compatibility List.


Note: Application and Database Pack License can be purchased individually.  Application and Database Pack License is included with the Complete Edition, Windows and Linux Edition or the Enterprise Virtual Client

Note: Application and Database Pack Add-on can be used in conjunction with NetBackup platform base-limited edition. The Application and Database Pack Add-on is licensed on a per instance basis which is not the same as Application and Database Pack License.

Additional Information:

Refer to the table below to understand which policy type governs each agent.

Note: The following agents are available with standard NetBackup media packaging.

Agent Name

Policy Type Administration Guide
MySQL DataStore HTML      |      PDF
PostgreSQL DataStore HTML      |      PDF
MariaDB Agent DataStore HTML      |      PDF
SQLite Agent DataStore HTML      |      PDF
Microsoft Azure Stack plug-in BigData HTML      |      PDF
Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) plug-in BigData HTML      |      PDF
MongoDB BigData HTML      |      PDF
HBase* plug-in BigData HTML      |      PDF
Hadoop* plug-in BigData HTML      |      PDF
Enterprise Vault Enterprise Vault HTML      |      PDF
BM DB2 DB2 HTML      |      PDF
Informix Informix-ON-Bar HTML      |      PDF
Lotus Notes Lotus-Notes HTML      |      PDF
Microsoft Exchange Server  MS-Exchange-Server HTML      |      PDF
Microsoft SharePoint MS-SharePoint HTML      |      PDF
Microsoft SQL Server  MS-SQL-Server HTML      |      PDF
Oracle  Oracle HTML      |      PDF
SAP and SAP Hana  SAP HTML      |      PDF
Sybase Sybase HTML      |      PDF


For more information about the policy types, refer to the NetBackup Administartor's Guide Volume 1.

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