Veritas AutoSupport infrastructure update for Call Home endpoints

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Last Published: 2022-12-06
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The Veritas AutoSupport infrastructure uses Static IP addresses for the data transmission endpoints. Firewall rules must be created to permit outbound traffic to the designated endpoint addresses.

Endpoint IP Addresses / CIDR Range Purpose 


Appliance Provisioning & Registration, Virtual Appliance Serialization

Transmission of diagnostic log data (DataCollect) for NetBackup Appliances running NBA 3.1 release and newer 

Appliance Health state & telemetry data, critical event data Transmission of diagnostic log data (DataCollect) for NetBackup Appliances running NBA 3.0 release and older
Note: This URL is no longer in use for Appliances running NBA 3.1 or newer releases
NetBackup Product Improvement Program telemetry


The Veritas AutoSupport infrastructure is supported for the following appliance platforms:

  • NetBackup appliance models 52xx & 53xx with software versions 3.2 or later installed
  • Flex appliance models 51xx, 52xx & 53xx with software versions 2.0.1 or later installed
  • Access appliance models 33xx with software versions or later installed
  • Flex Scale Appliance models 55xx with software versions 2.1 or later installed
  • NetBackup Virtual Appliance models running NBA 3.0 or newer

Veritas strongly recommends using DNS-based hostname inclusion for proxy and firewall configurations to ensure maximum compatibility for all of the endpoints mentioned above.

For more information on Veritas AutoSupport, please refer to the AutoSupport Reference Guide 


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