How to update JRE for NetBackup and OpsCenter

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Last Published: 2023-10-16
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Until NetBackup 8.0, the JRE package bundled along with the NetBackup or OpsCenter installers was updated only when you upgraded to a later NetBackup release. Using the nbcomponentupdate utility, users who run NetBackup 8.x and later can independently update the JRE.

This utility is included in current versions of NetBackup in the following locations:

  • On UNIX: /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies/
  • On Windows: install_path\netbackup\bin\goodies\

Click the Attachments link on the bottom of the page to download the PDF that has the detailed information on the nbcomponentupdate utility.


Veritas is aware of upcoming pricing and licensing changes being made by Oracle for their Java 8 product.  Veritas maintains a contractual agreement with Oracle and typically ships new versions of NetBackup with the most current version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) available during product development.  Additionally, in between NetBackup releases, Veritas may package up new versions of Java as a patch to NetBackup, which can be accessed via the nbcomponentupdate utility.  If the NetBackup patches with the Java updates do not meet the customer’s internal business requirements, Java support can be purchased directly with Oracle for additional asynchronous Java updates.  By default, any updates that a customer makes to NetBackup outside of Veritas-provided software updates are not supported (i.e., not a “supported configuration”). However, specifically for Java, if a customer applies a customer-procured Java update outside of a Veritas scheduled release, at its sole discretion, Veritas may continue to provide support to the Customer. If the customer-procured Java update negatively impacts NetBackup at any point in time, Veritas may require the customer to revert the update in order to receive support.

For updated Service and License Agreements - Click Here

The command line usage for the utility is documented in the Command Reference Guide:

nbcomponentupdate — update the JRE version



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