Determining the vCloud Director 8.x host name for NetBackup credentials

Determining the vCloud Director 8.x host name for NetBackup credentials

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Last Published: 2018-03-05
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When you add vCloud Director 8.x credentials to NetBackup 7.x of 8.x, for the server name you must enter the name that the vCloud Director API recognizes. You can make an API request to the vCloud Director to obtain the required name.  (For later releases of NetBackup, you can use the vCloud Director server hostname when you add credentials to NetBackup.)

Use the following procedure to determine the API name of the vCloud Director server:

  1. In a web browser, request the supported API versions of your vCloud Director by entering the versions URL, as shown in the following example (replace with the name of the vCloud Director):

  2. Examine the response to the versions request for the line that identifies the LoginURL, as in the following example (server_id represents the value that the API request provides; the value may be a name or an IP address):


    Note: More than one <LoginURL> line may exist; they should all be the same.

  3. Use the server_id value for the vCloud Director server name when you add its credentials to NetBackup.

  4. For the procedure to add the credentials to NetBackup, see "Adding NetBackup credentials for VMware" in the NetBackup for VMware Administrator's Guide for your release, available through the following URL:

For information about NetBackup 7.7, 7.7.1, and 7.7.2 restores to vCloud Director 8.0, see the following article:

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