Methods to provide data for Technical Support cases

Methods to provide data for Technical Support cases

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Last Published: 2021-04-13
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Technical Support cases often require extra information to understand a situation and progress a case to resolution. Typically, this information includes the product configuration and operational log files, as well as system settings, and environmental information. Technical Support also provides product specific tools to gather information from a customer environment for use by Technical Support. This document covers the various methods available and provides links to specific instructions. 

All customer uploaded data has to be associated with a Technical Support case number for tracking and auditing purposes.

General methods

These methods can be used to upload and download a small number of files direct to an existing Technical Support case. They are listed here in order of ease-of-use and preference:

  • Direct file transfer to an existing case via the MyVeritas web portal using existing Veritas Account credentials.
  • Direct file transfer using a file transfer website (
  • Direct file transfer using SecureFTP (s

Please contact your Technical Support Engineer, if unsure about which method to use. Per-case enablement is needed for the file transfer website and sftp methods. Ask your Technical Support Engineer for further details.

Use sftp with Filezilla program or one of the product specific methods listed below for larger configurations.

The interface

Acess this interface via to transfer files.

What information to provide

Only information directly relevant to the Technical Support case at hand should be provided. Product, network and operating environment configuration files, log files and error messages that span the time of the problem are also relevant. Please contact your Technical Support Engineer, if unsure about which files to send.

Other product specific methods

Veritas Quick Assist, Sort Data collector, Appliance log submission and NBU command line tools are available for product specific data upload for support cases.

Do not normally send this type of information (by these methods)

Please obtain specific agreement from a Veritas Technical Support Engineer before sending any of these classes of data:

  • Malicious code samples. Suspicious files attached to Technical Support cases will be deleted unexamined for security reasons.
  • Password files (encrypted or not)
  • Databases or files of financial, sensitive, classified or personal information
  • Extended log files that are outside of the time band of the issue being worked
  • Very large files over 100GB except by prior arrangement.

How provided data is used to progress technical support cases.

Customer provided support data is used to understand and progress technical support cases. It may be shared between product technical analysis and product engineering departments worldwide. Data is also used to understand how our products operate in customer environments. Customer product configurations and situations may be reproduced inside a support laboratory. Log files may be processed and elements extracted and used in case and training notes. Specifically collected network performance data may be processed by AppCritical. Anonymous data and other derived works may be used for research and training purposes. Data provided for specific cases is normally off-lined within 20 days and archived for up to 6 months from the first closing of a case.

Links for specific methods:

Customer portal administration assistance with accounts and passwords
Customer portal uploads direct to a case
Filezilla GUI based file transfer software (provided by 3rd party)
psftp Command line software for Windows x86 (provided by 3rd party)
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