In Backup Exec 16 FP2, OpenDedupe may not appear in list of providers when you configure a Backup Exec storage device.

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Last Published: 2017-07-28
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Product(s): Backup Exec


When you configure a new Backup Exec OpenStorage device, the OpenDedupe provider may not be listed, even if OpenDedupe software is installed on the Backup Exec 16 FP2 server.


The OpenDedupe provider may not be listed as there are problems loading the OST plugin DLL “libstspiopendedupe.dll” for OpenDedupe. This may be due to a failure installing runtime libraries for Visual Studio 2015 required by the plugin. This issue is communicated to Microsoft and possible solutions are available from Microsoft.


This is a known problem when running on Windows 2012 R2 without the latest Windows updates.  There are several blog entries from Microsoft that describe how to patch the Windows system so the redistributable package can be installed successfully.
Refer to the following article:

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