Error code: 6000 "The provided path is not whitelisted" occurs during NetBackup operations.

Error code: 6000 "The provided path is not whitelisted" occurs during NetBackup operations.

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The error message The provided path is not whitelisted is shown in the Detailed Status tab of Job Details in the NetBackup Administration GUI Activity Monitor.

Error Message

Couldn't open progress file /home/NBuser/logs/progress.log on client - Client open errno = 6000


This error is reported during operations such as backup, restore etc. when custom file paths for  Progress log,  Rename file or any such input / output file is used for the job. If the backup or restore job is started through the NetBackup administration GUI, NetBackup chooses the default location as /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/user_ops (UNIX) or  <install path>\netbackup\logs\user_ops (Windows) for these files.  If command line utilities are used to start these jobs, these error message may be seen in a few scenarios.  NetBackup expects users to use the default locations or NetBackup / operating system temporary folders for placing these files.  If any other path is used, NetBackup will show the above error; however, the job may succeed or fail depending on the job type

To ascertain the cause of the failure, enable the  bprd log on the master server and the bpcd log on the client system.

The bprd log on the master server will show:

<2> add_msgs_to_progress_file: Couldn't open progress file /home/NBuser/logs/progress.log on client
<2> add_msgs_to_progress_file: Client open errno = 6000

The bpcd log on the client will show:

<16> isWriteWhiteListed: write access to /home/NBuser/logs/progress.log is prohibited rc=6000

Running a bperror command on the master server will show:

bperror -U -client -jobid 123456

Access to /progress.log denied: The provided path is not whitelisted

Failure logging message to client in log /home/NBuser/logs/progress.log:
file open failed (12)

Veritas recommends to use the default path for such input / output files (Progress log, Rename file etc.) or the NetBackup temp folder to avoid this failure.  In cases where it is not possible to use the recommended paths and using a custom path is necessary, NetBackup should be made aware of the paths to be considered as valid.

The NetBackup configuration option BPCD_WHITELIST_PATH can be used to add a custom path in NetBackup through the NetBackup CLI bpsetconfig (when run from the master and media server) or nbsetconfig (when run from the client).

The custom paths are specific to that NetBackup client only, so this action must be performed on every client where there is a need to add custom paths in NetBackup.

Each entry of the configuration option BPCD_WHITELIST_PATH represents a custom path. for example, if there are two custom paths needs to be added in NetBackup configuration for client, this can be done as:

bpsetconfig -h

bpsetconfig> BPCD_WHITELIST_PATH=/home/NBuser
bpsetconfig>  BPCD_WHITELIST_PATH=/home/shared
(<Ctrl> - D) + enter for UNIX 
                           (<Ctrl> - Z) + enter for WINDOWS

When adding this configuration option, NetBackup services do not need to be recycled - they take effect immediately on that client.  From then on, added paths are considered valid and NetBackup will not report errors if any of these paths are used for specifying the Progress log, Rename file or any input / output file to NetBackup CLI.


NOTE: Some paths are automatically whitelisted when NetBackup is installed.  These default whitelisted paths are unique per operating system and may change from one NetBackup version to the next. To see which paths are whitelisted by default, turn bpcd logging up to Verbose 5, restart NetBackup and run a job.  Once done, examine the bpcd log for the following string, 'NBWhiteList::expand_path:'  All default whitelisted paths and manually whitelisted paths will be visible in the log.  

Example (Unix and Linux):
16:35:20.046 [4318] <2> NBWhiteList::expand_path: expanded_path: /opt/openv/netbackup/logs

Example (Windows):
03:18:25.672 [7764.7756] <2> NBWhiteList::expand_path: expanded_path: C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\Logs

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