VMware recovery may fail if original datastore name ends with a period

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Last Published: 2013-02-02
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When performing a FullVM restore, the restore may fail if the datastore used at backup time ended with a period.


Windows file system naming conventions do not support terminating periods.  This interferes with the ability of the Windows recovery host to access data on the NetBackup media server via NBFSD.


Please verify all your vSphere datastores do not end with a period ".".

Applies To

The combination of these factors can lead to a failed recovery:

·          At backup time, the VM resided on a datastore with a terminating period, e.g. “myDatastore.”
·          At recovery time:
o    A Windows Recovery Host is used (NetBackup Client)
o    NetBackup File System Daemon (NBFSD) is used with the following:
§  VM Instant Recovery(pending in a future release)
§  Exchange Granular Recovery
§  SharePoint Granular Recovery


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