How to install EEBs on a NetBackup 52x0 / 5330 Appliance

How to install EEBs on a NetBackup 52x0 / 5330 Appliance

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To install an Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) on a NetBackup 52x0 or 5330 Appliance, please follow the following instructions:

To upload and install an appliance EEB using the Appliance shell menu:

Note: You should perform this procedure from a computer that is connected to the Appliance as well as to the Internet.

1. Open an ssh session and log on to the Appliance as an administrator.

2. Enter the following command to open the NFS and the CIFS shares:
Main_Menu > Manage > Software > Share Open

3. Map or mount the Appliance share directory as follows:

UNIX: Mount the following Appliance NFS share: <appliance-name or IP>:/inst/patch/incoming

Windows: Map the following Appliance CIFS share( and earlier): \\<appliance-name or IP>\incoming patches
Windows:  Map the following Appliance  CIFS  share ( and later):    \\<appliance-name or IP>\incoming_patches 
(NOTE: Before submitting the Windows share, place a check in the box for 'Connect using different credentials' )
In the next window requesting the 'username',  use the format    '<appliance-name or IP>\admin'   and the admin corresponding password.

4. Copy the EEB from your local computer to the mapped directory.

5. Unmap or unmount the directory after you have successfully downloaded the EEB.

6. From the Appliance, enter the following command to close the NFS and the CIFS shares:
Main_Menu > Manage > Software > Share Close

Once the EEB is downloaded on to the share directory that you defined in Step 2, it is moved to the proper location. You are not notified that this move has occurred. If you run the List EEBs command before you run the Share Close command, the update is still moved from the share directory location to its proper location. Make sure that you have run the Share Close command to ensure that you close the NFS and the CIFS shares.

7. Enter the following command to list the available EEBs:
Main_Menu > Manage > Software > List Downloaded

8. Enter the following command to install the release update:
Main_Menu > Manage > Software > Install <patch_name>

Here, <patch_name> is the name if the EEB that you want to install. You must make sure that the name you enter matches the EEB name that you have uploaded on the appliance.

NOTE: Before you proceed with the installation of an EEB, ensure that there are no jobs running.



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