List of NetBackup Downloads available in VEMS

List of NetBackup Downloads available in VEMS

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Last Published: 2019-06-04
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This article lists NetBackup downloads for 8.x and 7.7, including: These are the release types and version schemes:

Major release First in a series of single-dot releases such as 2.0 or 7.0. Major releases contain new features, new supported platforms, and a complete set of the latest product documentation.
Minor release A Single-dot release. Follows a major release, for example, 2.1, 7.1, or 7.7. Minor releases contain many of the same requirements as major releases, but offer a smaller set of new features, enhancements, and platform proliferations. They provide a complete set of updated documentation.
Release update A double-dot release, for example, 2.0.1, 7.7.2, or 7.7.3. Release updates contain mostly product fixes, but may also contain some new features and enhancements. Only documentation that has been updated with new features or enhancements is included.
Maintenance update A triple-dot release, for example,,, or Maintenance releases contain fixes for known issues identified in major, minor, or release updates. They do not contain new features or enhancements to NetBackup. Maintenance updates are available on the Support website and are listed below.

Veritas NetBackup requires that a master server be updated to an equal or greater version level than the version levels of any NetBackup media and NetBackup client servers in the same environment. Starting with NetBackup 7.1 and the NetBackup Appliances, you can apply a maintenance update (for example 7.1.0.x) to a media server or client server in an environment with a version 7.1 master server. For more information on version compatibility, refer to Appendix C of the NetBackup Release Notes.



VEMS Guide

Please refer to Veritas Entitlement Management System Guide to obtain installation media and client for:

  • NetBackup 8.1, 8.1.1 & 8.1.2
  • NetBackup 8.0
  • NetBackup 7.7.3 
  • NetBackup 7.7.2
  • NetBackup 7.7.1
  • NetBackup 7.7

Also, the guide informs in detail about:

  • Accessing VEMS
  • Downloading Software
  • Generating and Accessing Licenses
  • Obtaining VEMS Access
  • Obtaining Admin Access in VEMS

About Veritas Entitlement Management System (VEMS)

This entitlement management portal provides access to entitlements purchased from Veritas. As orders are fulfilled by Veritas, Entitlements are created in the customer's VEMS Account. The account allows Users to access the entitlement information, download entitled software, and generate license keys within the Account. 

Users need to have a Veritas Account. New Users will need to register by clicking 'Register Now' on the Veritas Account login page.
Downloading Software
As per the preference Software downloads can be accessed from the Dashboard, Entitlements, and Downloads tabs by clicking the download button. In each tab, entitlements can be filtered by product or located by Entitlement ID.

For full product downloads, visit Veritas Entitlement Management System [VEMS]

For additional downloads like update packages and hotfixes for NetBackup Appliances, visit SORT.  

If you need access to a particular version of the software that is not visible in the VEMS portal, or if you are unable to access the portal, please contact Customer Care by phone:

You can also email:


Compatibility Lists

All versions Master Compatibility list:


All versions Documentation list:

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