Information on how to determine the backup ID and find the associated files list file

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Information on how to determine the backup ID and find the associated files list file


1.  Determine what backup ID is used for a particular backup run. Two ways that users can obtain the backup ID are as follows:  
a.  From the command line, the following command can be run from the /<install_path>/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd directory:
    bpimmedia -L -client <client_name> -d mm/dd/yyy -e mm/dd/yyyy  
Substitute the actual client name for <client_name>.  For the other fields in the command:  -d  mm/dd/yyyy is the start of the date range to search, where as -e mm/dd/yyyy is the end of the date range to search.  
An example of the output is as follows:
(please note the "Backup-ID" column to the far left)
Backup-ID            Policy     Type  RL  Files   C  E  T  PC  Expires
Copy Frag    KB Type Density FNum      Off       Host       DWO MPX Expires
   RL MediaID
scoobydoo_1054264097 Debbie1    FULL  1   1090    N  N  R  1   22:08 06/12/2003
1   1     6720 Disk -       -         -         scoobydoo  -   N   22:08 06/12/2003 1  /space/debbie/scoobydoo_1054264097_C1_F1
scoobydoo_1054256299 Debbie1    FULL  1   1090    N  N  R  1   19:58 06/12/2003
1   1     6720 Disk -       -         -         scoobydoo  -   N   19:58 06/12/2003 1  /space/debbie/scoobydoo_1054256299_C1_F1
scoobydoo_1054249696 etctest    INCR  1   0       N  N  R  1   18:08 06/12/2003
1   1       32 Disk -       -         -         scoobydoo  -   N   18:08 06/12/2003 1  /space/debbie/scoobydoo_1054249696_C1_F1
scoobydoo_1054248493 Debbie1    FULL  1   1090    N  N  R  1   17:48 06/12/2003
1   1     6720 Disk -       -         -         scoobydoo  -   N   17:48 06/12/2003 1  /space/debbie/scoobydoo_1054248493_C1_F1
b.  From the JAVA interface, run the "Images on Media" report to generate the same output as in #1.
For explanations of each field, please see the section "Reviewing NetBackup Reports" in the VERITAS NetBackup (tm) System Administrators Guide for UNIX.

2.  The next step is to determine the files list file name. For all examples, backup ID scoobydoo_1054256299 will be used from the output generated in step 1A.  The client name is scoobydoo.
Complete the following:
a.  Change directory to /usr/openv/netbackup/db/images/<client>/<ctime_directory>
*If using the information for the example, the path would be:  /usr/openv/netbackup/db/images/scoobydoo/1054000000.  The 1054000000 number is determined by the first four digits of the UNIX ctime number listed in the backup ID, and six zeroes.  This is the standard format for subdirectory names in the catalog directory.
b.  Execute an ls using the exact ctime number in the backup ID:
For the example, the ls command would be:  
ls *1054256299*
The output returned will have the following format:
Sample output for the ls command would be as follows:
The file returned will be the files list file (the file with the .f).

( Note 7.5 and earlier the header file of the backup would appear  (the file without the .f)  e.g.  <policy_name>_<ctime_of_backup>_<schedule>


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