All VMware backups in one policy fail with Status 4239

All VMware backups in one policy fail with Status 4239

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Last Published: 2015-05-20
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Product(s): NetBackup


ALL backups from one VMware policy all fail with Status 4239.  Backups from other VMware policies are completing successfully.

Error Message

(4239): Unable to locate virtual machine



In an attempt to limit this policy to communicating with a single vCenter server, the backup policy's VMware server list was set, but to an incorrect vCenter server name.


1. Open the VMware policy in the NetBackup administration console.
2. Select the VMware tab.
3. Click on Advanced... in the lower right-hand corner.
4. In the VMware - Advanced Attributes window scroll down to VMware Server list.
5. Modify this entry to reflect the correct hostname of the vCenter server.

Note: this name must match the vCenter server name as it appears in the NetBackup administration console under "Media and Device Management -> Credentials -> Virtual machine servers."

Note:  The VMware Server list is optional  It is intended only to limit a backup policy to one or more specific vCenter servers when there are multiple vCenter servers in the Virtual machine servers credentials list.   Leaving the VMware server list in the backup policy empty is a valid option if there is no need to limit the list.

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