Event ID 7110 may be logged if an archive export PST is imported into a new archive

Event ID 7110 may be logged if an archive export PST is imported into a new archive

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Last Published: 2015-06-15
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Product(s): Enterprise Vault


If a PST file that was created as a result of an export, then deletion of an existing Enterprise Vault archive is imported into a new Enterprise Vault archive then event ID 7110 may be logged by StorageFileWatch in the Enterprise Vault event log.  These events are logged after the Vault Store comes out of Backup Mode and are as a result of StorageFileWatch not being able to find and validate the related SIS Part files for the newly imported items.  The archival of affected items is cancelled by StorageFileWatch and the .DVS files for these items are deleted from the Vault Store partition.

Error Message

Type:  Warning
Event: 7110
Source:    Enterprise Vault
Category: Storage File Watch
Computer: EVSERVER01.testdomain.local
Description: An invalid SIS part was encountered while doing watch file scan. Following further information is available.
 Partition Name = Mail Vault Store Ptn5
 VaultStoreEntryId = 1F5EEC9747398E14BA049513A3BE01E7E1210000EVSEV1.testdomain.local
 ParentTransactionID = D111E3AC5E9BFB7D551C522C8FFB4CC1
 Invalid Reason = Verification failed for sis part when post processing Saveset with TID = [D123F1AAE4040436542E162F66A3AF31].
Following sis part details are available:
  FPDistinctionByte = [159]
  FPHashPart1 = [-1549794234]
  UniqueId = [0].


The following steps would result in the problem:

  1. Export Archive A to PST
  2. Delete Archive A
  3. Disable User A for archiving
  4. Re-enable User A for archiving
  5. Import the exported .PST into the new archive some days later.
  6. Any new items that are then archived after this point, and that share content with affected SIS Parts in the archive will be rolled back by StorageFileWatch.  Event ID 7110 will be logged.

Note: Event ID 7110 is logged because StorageFileWatch does not build the correct path to the SIS Part from the Vault Store and Fingerprint databases.


This issue has been addressed in the following release:
Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 Cumulative Hotfix 2 Release



Etrack : 3739571

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