Configuring share level backup jobs in Backup Exec

Configuring share level backup jobs in Backup Exec

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Last Published: 2019-10-15
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With the changes to the Administration Console in Backup Exec and the removal of the "User Defined Selections" area of the backup selection list, details on how to perform share level (CIFS) backups of data is required. This document provides the basic information on how to configure backup jobs for this type of environment.

Configure backups for NAS servers, File Servers and NDMP file servers on which NDMP protocol is disabled.

Note: Customers configuring share level backup jobs, where the remote agent cannot be installed, should be aware that the message regarding lack of a remote agent (as provided in the error section below) cannot be disabled from being recorded in the Job Log. Additionally a remote agent license must be installed on the Backup Exec Server to protect data via CIFS.

Error Message

V-79-57344-3844 - The Backup Exec server was unable to connect to the Remote Agent on machine <hostname>.
The Backup Exec server will use the local agent to try to complete the operation.
WARNING: Backup Exec servers cannot completely protect remote Windows-based servers or workstations unless the Backup Exec Remote Agent is installed and running on each remote Windows-based server or workstation to be protected. Data loss can occur if the Remote Agent is not running while backing up remote Windows-based computers.

Please refer to the documentation or online help for more information.
Remote Agent not detected on <hostname>.


  • Make sure at least one Agent for Windows Systems (AWS) license installed on the Backup Exec Media Server
  • Make sure it is possible to connect to the share concerned from the Operating System console of the Media Server
  • From the Backup Exec Button (Yellow button, top left of console), select Configuration and Settings --> Backup Exec Settings

  • In the Setting screen click on Network and Security and enable (check) the option "Enable Selection of user shares" and click OK

  • Go the the Backup and Restore tab and click on the Add icon

  • In the Add a Server dialog, select "File server" and click Next


  • Enable (check) the "Allow Backup Exec to establish a trust with the servers" and click Next                                                        
  • In the Which servers do you want to add? dialog, Add the IP address, resolvable server names or FQDN entries for the host device that contains the share(s) and click Next

  • In the Which logon account do you want to use? dialog, use the Add/Edit button to create and then select the logon account with valid credentials to the share

  • Expect to see a screen stating Inserting resource container... to show for a few minutes (DO NOT click on disconnect)

  •   In the Backup and Restore tab, right click on the host device that you just created and select the appropriate Backup

  • In the Backup Properties dialog, wait for the left pain to show some resources (noting that it defaults to "Not selected") and click the Edit button in the left pane

  • Select either the complete share, or subfolders within the share, as required, and click OK
  • The left pane should now show either Fully or Partially selected depending on the selection
  • Use the Edit button in the right pane if you need to customize the job configuration and click OK to save the job definition

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