EVSVR reports "Reason: The system cannot find the file specified"

EVSVR reports "Reason: The system cannot find the file specified"

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Last Published: 2014-08-27
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Product(s): Enterprise Vault


EVSVR  Reports the following a SISpart is missing.

Error Message

2011-08-25 02:27:15            SavesetId: 201001214172568~200704131105050000~X~604DE2C4897F18F8ED099845716480F1, Archived Date: 2010-01-21 09:19:00Z
2011-08-25 02:27:15              ArchiveEntryId: 1EEC01FBD3A2C1C4D8692E6120B58A58E1110000iev2011-01-21 02:27:15              File not found [0x80070002]
2011-08-25 02:27:15                      Event Output: Failed to recall a Saveset from its Collection.     Reason: The system cannot find the file specified.  [0x80070002]   Relative Saveset Filename: 2010\12-02\0\033\003302651A6EBE81AB9298C11D068171~40~16A24A2E~00~1.DVSCC   Relative Collection Filename: 2010\12-02\0\Collection111100.cab   PartitionEntryID: 151B387086CF675438C4DF676E98255B11q10000EV   PartitionGUID: 51B387086CF675438C4DF676E98255B1   Partition Root Path: Z:\Enterprise Vault Stores\MailboxStore Ptn1   Secondary Location: (null)   Migrated File Id:    Reference: NSDR/LMF      [0xc0041ab6]


The SIS part or CAB file no longer exists on storage. 

This has been deleted or removed by anti-virus or by other means, such as a hard delete of data outside of Enterprise Vault.



To resolve this missing items, restore from backup:

Restore file specified as missing.  If the file has been collected and the collections (CAB) file is missing restore the entire CAB file.


If there is no backup of the item or the CAB file, then a call needs to be placed to Support.

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