Exclude list does not apply to USER type backups

Exclude list does not apply to USER type backups

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Last Published: 2021-06-24
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exclude_list does not apply

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include_list and exclude_list  does not apply to USER type Backup Schedule 

Exclude lists only apply to standard policy for Unix clients or Ms-windows policy for windows clients.


In some cases a Backup Policy could have mixed schedule types.

i.e. Backup Policy could have several type of Backup Schedule such as FULL, Differential Incremental, Cumulative Incremental, User Backup etc. therefore check the Backup Policy  Schedules type.

Use NetBackup Admin Console on the Master Server to display the Backup Policy Schedule detail, or run the following command on the Master Server to list the Policy detail:

Unix Master Server;

  /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bppllist <Policy name> -L

WINDOWS Master Server;

  <install path>\netbackup\bin\admincmd\bppllist <Policy name> -L


If the Backup Policy contains a Schedule Backup of Type "USER" then when initiating a backup on the Client using NetBackup BAR "Backup, Archive and Restore" GUI or using the bpbackup command:

   (UNIX) command ;

     # /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpbackup –p <Policy> -s <user-schedule-name> -L <prog-log> -f <filename that hold the list of directories>

   (WINDOWS) command ;

     # <install path>\netbackup\bin\bpbackup –p <Policy> -s <user-schedule-name> -L <prog-log> -f <filename that hold the list of directories>


Then the Backup-Archive process (bpbkar) which starts and run on NetBackup Client will NOT examine or look for include_list or exclude_list files on the Client.

User Backup or User Archive will backup the selected files or  directories list as it is defined.



Applies To

NetBackup 6.x, 7.x, 8.x

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