Guidelines for the availability of EEB/hotfixes for the NetBackup family of products

Guidelines for the availability of EEB/hotfixes for the NetBackup family of products

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Last Published: 2019-04-02
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As defects are discovered in our products, Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) replacements may be provided when an issue severely impacts the customer environment and no feasible workarounds exist.  If the issue affects many customers and the EEB qualifies, the EEB may be made available as a "HotFix" or publicly available EEB.  These EEB's generally contain pre-release code.  The issue fixed by a HotFix will be addressed in the product in the earliest version possible.


When a defect is discovered in the product and it is determined that release of an EEB is necessary, Veritas's primary priority is to provide the appropriate remedy for the current version or release update of the product.  As such, EEB's will generally be provided only on the current version or release update of the product. This applies to defects which may impact several versions or release updates of the product.

If a defect is discovered in a previous version of the product, but it is also determined that the defect has already been resolved in an existing version of the product, Veritas technical support will strongly recommend updating the product to the most recent version and/or release update of the product which contains the fix.  In general, a backport of the fix will not be delivered. In addition, as EEB's and HotFixes are not subjected to the rigorous regression testing that a release update receives prior to its release, installing an EEB or HotFix may carry a higher risk to the environment than performing an upgrade.

To obtain an EEB for a particular issue, it may be necessary to open a case with Veritas technical support.  To expedite a possible escalation for the case, it is recommended that the necessary evidence (including log excerpts) demonstrating the issue's effect on the environment be collected and ready to be made available to your technical support engineer as soon as the case is assigned.  (This evidence can also be included in an email response to the case confirmation before the case is assigned.)

Please take care to read all README and disclaimer information included with an EEB or HotFix prior to applying it.

It is important to note that it is the customer's responsibility to maintain an accounting of which EEB or HotFix may be installed in the enterprise, and to confirm that all fixes are included prior to upgrade.  If it is found that a particular fix is NOT included in the next version or release update, a new case should be opened to determine how to proceed.




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