How to setup a remote ODBC connection to the OpsCenter Analytics database

How to setup a remote ODBC connection to the OpsCenter Analytics database

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Example: How to setup a remote ODBC connection to the OpsCenter Analytics database


OpsCenter uses SQL Anywhere database software from Sybase.  By default, this database is configured to disallow remote connections.


OpsCenter uses the SAP SQL Anywhere© database software to store its information. To remotely connect to OpsCenter via ODBC you will need to install and configure the proper ODBC software. The ODBC software is provided by SAP, not by VERITAS. This article provides an example of how to configure a remote Windows client with direct ODBC access to the OpsCenter server's database.

Warning: Direct access to the OpsCenter database bypasses any safety checks or constraints of the OpsCenter software. Any changes to the underlying database via direct access may cause OpsCenter to not function properly. VERITAS does not provide support for the use of the OpsCenter database via ODBC, but only through the OpsCenter product itself.

In the example below, the OpsCenter server is "win2k8-1" and the remote client is "win2k8client". Both example computers are running the Windows 2008R2 Server operating system.

I. Prepare the OpsCenter server

Configure the OpsCenter server. By default, the OpsCenter database service will only allow access from the OpsCenter server. Disable this restriction by changing the LocalOnly=YES option in the OpsCenter database server service startup.

  1. Create a backup copy of the server.conf file.
Windows:  <Install Path>\OpsCenter\server\db\conf\server.conf
Linux: /opt/SYMCOpsCenterServer/db/conf/server.conf
  1. Edit the server.conf file.


Change the following:

"LocalOnly=YES" option to "LocalOnly=NO"

Remove this line if it exists in the server.conf file:


For example, on a machine with hostname = win2k8 change:

-n OPSCENTER_WIN2K8 -x tcpip(LocalOnly=YES;ME=;;ServerPort=13786) -gd DBA -gk DBA -gl DBA -gp 4096 -ti 0 -c 256M -ch 1024M -cl 256M -zl -os 1M -m -o "C:\Program Files\veritas\OpsCenter\server\db\log\server.log" -m


- n OPSCENTER_WIN2K8 -x tcpip(LocalOnly=NO;ServerPort=13786) -gd DBA -gk DBA -gl DBA -gp 4096 -ti 0 -c 256M -ch 1024M -cl 256M -zl -os 1M -m -o "C:\Program Files\veritas\OpsCenter\server\db\log\server.log" -m

Note: that "OPSCENTER_WIN2K8-1" is the database server name in this example server.conf file. This will be used later below in the remote client's configuration, but in lower case.

  1. Restart the OpsCenter services using the "opsadmin" commands:

Windows: <install path>\OpsCenter\server\bin\opsadmin stop
Linux: /opt/SYMCOpsCenterServer/bin/ stop

  1. Use opsadmin again but with the "start" option.

II. Download the SAP SQL Anywhere Database Client

Download the appropriate ODBC software for your operating system. At the time of this writing the software is located at, in the article titled SAP SQL "Anywhere Database Client Download". This software is provided by SAP, not VERITAS. Contact SAP for more information if you need assistance.

  1. Download the appropriate SAP SQL Anywhere 16.0  file to a temporary location on the client, win2k8client, such as C:\temp.

III. Configure the example remote client

  1. Install the downloaded software using all default selections. This will install Sybase Central 16.0.x, Sybase Central, ODBC Data Source Administrator, Mobilink Monitor, and Interactive Console. Contact SAP for any additional information or assistance.
  2. From the Windows Start menu choose Programs > Administrative Tools > Data Source (ODBC) and in the User DSN tab click "Add". Choose "SQL Anywhere 16" and click "Finish".
  3. This brings up a dialog box with the tabs ODBC, Login, Network, Advanced. Enter the following:

Network tab
Verify that Packet encryption is set to NONE

Login tab
Authentication: Database
User ID: DBA
Password: <db_password>
Action: Connect to a running database on another computer
Host: win2k8-1
Port: 13786
Server name: opscenter_win2k8-1
Database name: vxpmdb

Note: As described earlier, the “Server name” field uses a lower case version of the database server name from server.conf on the OpsCenter server.

The DBA password is now random unless previously changed.  To set the password you will need to change the DBA password using changedbpassword.  You will need the admin password to change the DBA password.



ODBC tab
Data source name: vxpmdb (or whatever you would like)

  1. Click on Test Connection in the ODBC tab. If it fails then recheck your entries, verify network name resolution, network connectivity, and firewall settings. Once passed, click OK, and then OK again.

IV. Example Usage

  1. Start Sybase Central on the remote client
  2. From the menu choose Connections > connect with SQL Anywhere 16.
  3. Fill out the dialog box:

Authentication: Database
User ID: DBA
Password: <db password>
Action: Connect with an ODBC Data Source
ODBC Data Source Name: vxpmdb (or whatever name you had created above)

  1. Click the Connect button.

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