What is the difference between the SAN Media Server and SAN Client features?

What is the difference between the SAN Media Server and SAN Client features?

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What is the difference between the SAN Media Server and SAN Client features?


Because of the similar names, there could be some confusion about these two product features, which accomplish different goals.

SAN Media Server

Designed for customers who would prefer to utilize their storage area network (SAN) for backup operations instead of their local area network (LAN). This feature enables LANfree data protection with high-performance access to shared resources.

A SAN Media Server is directly connected to the SAN, and is used to backup data directly to disk or tape. A SAN Media Server is unable to backup or manage clients. It only able to backup what is directly attached or mounted to it.

SAN Client

Offloads backup traffic from the LAN and allows for fast backups over the SAN at approximately 150 MB/sec. The SAN client can send data to a variety of NetBackup disk options and allows you to back up and restore to disk over the SAN. Data is sent to media servers via SCSI commands over the SAN rather than TCP/IP over the LAN to optimize performance.

SAN Client's send their data to a Fibre Transport (FT) Media Server.

The SAN Client takes advantage of Fiber Channel SAN connections to perform a fast backup of a client machine directly to a Media Server, moving data transfers off the LAN and away from conflicting traffic. The SAN Client provides a high performance data transfer for the client and offloads the LAN with the backup traffic.

To implement the SAN Client, the user needs to deploy a Fiber Channel based SAN between the client and the Media Server. The Server and Clients can each have multiple SAN ports zoned together. In the current release, the feature also requires using disk based storage, preferably Flexible Disk or OpenStorage, for the backend.

A Media Server that can receive data from a SAN Client is referred to as a Fiber Transport or FT Media Server. The Fibre Channel host bust adapters (HBAs) on the Media Server that receive the data are referred to as Fiber Transport Targets and are limited to specific platforms and tested and supported HBAs. Please see the Hardware Compatibilty List linked below. The HBAs used on the SAN Client itself are not limited.

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