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Appliance Management Server 2.0



Appliance Management Server 2.0 provides new functionality for managing NetBackup and Flex appliances


Appliance Management Server 2.0 can be deployed on NetBackup Appliance (NBA) or NetBackup Virtual Appliance (NBVA) or as a docker container on customers own Linux server.

Main features included in this release:

  1. Managing Flex Appliances
    • This support is only available when AMS is deployed as docker container and not when AMS is running on NBA/NBVA
    • Use AMS to install/uninstall add-ons to flex appliances
    • Use EEB Report to list installed add-ons across all the appliances and instance
  2. Managing NetBackup Appliances:
    • Install Maintenance Releases: now AMS supports running Readiness Analyzer as part of installation wizard removing the need to run Readiness Analyzer from appliance shell menu.
    • Installing firmware updates from AMS
    • AMS now supports running Hardware Tests on NetBackup appliance
  3. Group appliances using labels
  4. Reports:
    • Capacity report for viewing capacity utilization across all NetBackup appliances (this report does not support Flex appliances in current release)
    • Consolidated EEB report lists EEB/add-ons installed on all appliances


Refer to Appliance Management Guide for more details

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