NetBackup™ Web UI Oracle Administrator's Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (10.0)

About the NetBackup web UI

The NetBackup web user interface provides the following features:

  • Ability to access the primary server from a web browser, including Chrome and Firefox. For details on supported browsers for the web UI, see the NetBackup Software Compatibility List.

    Note that the NetBackup web UI may behave differently for different browsers. Some functionality, for example a date picker, may not be available on all browsers. These inconsistencies are due to the capabilities of the browser and not because of a limitation with NetBackup.

  • A dashboard that displays a quick overview of the information that is important to you.

  • Role-based access control (RBAC) that lets the administrator configure user access to NetBackup and to delegate the tasks for workload protection.

  • Protection of assets is achieved through protection plans, job management, and visibility of the protection status of assets.

  • Workload administrators can create protection plans, manage credentials, subscribe assets to the protection plans that meet the SLO, monitor protection status, and perform self-service recovery of assets.


The NetBackup web UI is best viewed at a 1280x1024 or higher screen resolution.

Access control in the NetBackup web UI

NetBackup uses role-based access control to grant access to the web UI. Access control is accomplished through roles.

  • A role defines the operations that a user can perform and the features that the user can access in the web UI. For example, access to any workload assets, protection plans, or credentials.

  • RBAC is only available for the web UI and the APIs.

    Other access control methods for NetBackup are not supported for the web UI and APIs, except for the Enhanced Auditing (EA).

Monitor NetBackup jobs

The NetBackup web UI lets administrators more easily monitor NetBackup job operations and identify any issues that need attention.

Protection plans: One place to configure schedules, storage, and storage options

Protection plans offer the following benefits:

  • A default workload administrator can select the protection plans to use to protect assets.

  • With the necessary RBAC permissions, a workload administrator can create and manage protection plans, including the backup schedules and storage that is used.

  • When you select from your available storage, you can see any additional features available for that storage.

Self-service recovery

The NetBackup web UI makes it easy for a workload administrator to recover VMs, databases, or other asset types applicable to that workload.