Veritas NetBackup™ Appliance High Availability Reference Guide

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Platform: NetBackup Appliance OS

Introduction to NetBackup 53xx high availability solution

Starting with NetBackup Appliance release 3.1, Veritas offers a high availability (HA) solution for 53xx appliances. The HA solution helps to ensure system throughput and operational availability for data protection operations.

The 53xx high availability solution is a dual-node solution that provides the following benefits:

  • Two 53xx compute nodes (a node and a partner node) that operate in an active/active mode through an HA configuration.

  • The two nodes efficiently share the storage workload.

  • All stored data is available and accessible through either node.

  • All system jobs can be run on one node while its partner node is serviced or upgraded.

  • Automatic failover and job retry for a single-node failure.

  • Existing systems can be converted for an HA solution.

The following diagram illustrates the internal communications in the a 53xx HA solution: