Veritas NetBackup™ Upgrade Quick Start Guide

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Product(s): NetBackup (9.0)

About the NetBackup Quick-Start Upgrade Guide

This manual is designed as a supplement to the NetBackup Upgrade Guide for the experienced user. Use of this manual by novice or inexperienced NetBackup administrators is not recommended. These administrators should use the NetBackup Upgrade Guide.


All information in this manual is duplicate information from the NetBackup Upgrade Guide. Veritas presents this information in a different format for ease of use by the more experienced users. If you like the format of the NetBackup Upgrade Guide, there is no need to consult this manual.

The information in this manual assumes that you have already read and understand the upgrade prerequisites. It assumes that you have already performed any of the necessary planning procedures and are aware how long upgrades take. It assumes that you are aware of all the changes that are outlined in the NetBackup Release Notes.


If at any time while using this manual, you are unsure of a step, a procedure, or have questions, refer to the NetBackup Upgrade Guide for additional information. The NetBackup Upgrade Guide has greater detail on all areas of the upgrade process.