Veritas NetBackup™ Virtual Appliance Getting Started Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (3.0)

NetBackup Virtual Appliance product description

The NetBackup Virtual Appliance is a combined master and media server solution that is designed for use in a remote office or branch office. It provides a lower-cost alternative to existing NetBackup Appliance solutions for environments with smaller data protection requirements. The virtual appliance was developed for the sites that require protection of smaller data sets with minimal on-site infrastructure management expertise. Additionally, it can be beneficial in proof of concept situations as well as test environments. The NetBackup Virtual Appliance lets you leverage your existing NetBackup expertise, as it builds on existing NetBackup solutions. You can configure the NetBackup Virtual Appliance to link back to NetBackup in the data center for replication of remote office or branch office data.

The NetBackup Virtual Appliance provides a simplified solution for NetBackup configuration and the daily management of your backup environment. The goal is to provide a solution that eliminates the need to provide dedicated individuals to manage their backup environment.

The appliance software supports the following features:

  • The NetBackup Virtual Appliance Shell Menu.

    The shell menu is a command line interface for appliance configuration and management.

  • NetBackup preinstalled.

    NetBackup Enterprise Server software is already installed and configured to work with the operating system. This feature simplifies the deployment and integration into an existing NetBackup environment.


    The Enhanced Auditing feature that was released in NetBackup version 7.7 is not currently supported for use on NetBackup Virtual Appliance. This feature should not be configured or enabled on an appliance.

  • Support for the core NetBackup software agents.

    The NetBackup agents optimize the performance of critical databases and applications.

    See the NetBackup Administrator's Guide Volume I for more information about the policy types that are supported for each software agent. For the latest appliance compatibility information, refer to the Hardware Compatibility List on the Veritas Support website:

  • Media Server Deduplication Pool (MSDP) storage.

    MSDP is an embedded deduplication technology that reduces the amount of space that is needed for backups.

  • Symantec Data Center Security (SDCS) integration.

    The SDCS agent is installed and configured when you initially deploy your appliance. By default, SDCS helps secure the appliance using host-based intrusion prevention and detection technology.

  • AutoSupport.

    The appliance can monitor key components and provide proactive monitoring and messaging. Veritas Support uses this information to resolve any issues that you might report.

  • Bare Metal Restore (BMR) integration.

    BMR is the server recovery option of NetBackup. BMR automates and streamlines the server recovery process.

  • Backup of VMware virtual machines.

    The appliance supports direct backup of VMware virtual machines. The appliance can back up virtual machines without a separate backup host.