How to install and configure the Backup Exec Deduplication Option in Backup Exec 2010 and other releases of BE 2010.

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How to install and configure the Backup Exec Deduplication Option in Backup Exec 2010 and other releases of BE 2010.


Before Installing the Backup Exec Deduplication Option, review the following configuration documents.
Backup Exec 2010: Deduplication Option White Paper
Requirements for the Deduplication Option
Considerations regarding password creation for the Deduplication Storage Folder Logon Account 
Installing the Backup Exec Deduplication Option:
   1. Click on Tools menu.
   2. Select "Install Options and License keys on this Media Server".
   3. Continue through the installation wizard until the Licenses Keys screen is available.
   4. Install the Deduplication Option license key.
   5. On the Configure Options screen, the Deduplication should be selected. If installing the Deduplication Option in trial mode, select the Deduplication Option.
   6. Continue through the installation wizard as normal.

Configuring a new Deduplication Storage Folder:
   1. Go to the Tools menu.
   2. Select "Configure Devices".
   3. Select "Configure Devices Assistant".
   4. The Following figure is an example of the Configure Devices Assistant.

   5. Click "Deduplication Storage Folder" from the Wizard.

   6. In the New Deduplication Storage Folder dialog box, provide the following information:
   General Tab:
   a. Required: Name of the Deduplication Storage Folder.
   b. Required: Path to the Deduplication Storage Folder (Drive and Folder path).

   c. Optional: Database Path. ( This optional Database path does not apply to BE 2010R3 as the Storage path and Database path recommended to be on the same location)
   d. Optional: Number of concurrent operations on the Dedup folder.
   e. Required: Use a dedicated logon account to create Dedup storage folder. ( It is not recommended to use System Logon account while creating Deduplication storage (applies from BE 2010R3)).
   Advanced Tab:
   a. Required: Ensure Low Disk Space Threshold is enabled and is set at a minimum of 15%.
   Recommended threshold is 20%.
   b. Optional: Enable Allow remote agents to use client-side deduplication.
   Note:- If a Deduplication Storage Folder is configured for the root of a volume, the folder will actually be <volume>: \BackupExecDeduplicationStorageFolder.
   7. Click OK to complete the configuration changes.
   8. Restart of Backup Exec Services is required to complete the configuration of the Deduplication Storage Folder.




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