How to automatically pass domain credentials to the Enterprise Vault (EV) server if client computers are in a workgroup outside of the Active Directory Domain of the EV Server.

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The EV server is in an Active Directory Domain called domain.local.
Client computers (those computers that have installed the Outlook client extensions) are in a workgroup ( client computers are NOT joined to the domain).
Clients have an account in the Active Directory Domain ( domain.local), but as their computers are not joined to the domain, they use a local account to log into their machines.
As a result, when clients perform any EV operation a window asking for credentials appears and users must type the credentials of the domain account. (Figure 1)
Figure 1



It is possible to store the domain credentials on client computers of the workgroup so they automatically pass the valid domain credentials to the EV web application.
1. Open the User Accounts application by navigating to Start | Control Panel and clicking on User Accounts.
2. Click the Advanced tab and click Manage Passwords. (Figure 2)
Figure 2
3. Click on the Add button and enter the name of the EV server in the Server field, the valid account of the user in the domain ( domain.local) in the User field,  and password of the domain account in the Password field. (Figure 3)
Figure 3



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