PST migration status remains in 'Migrating' and receive no errors

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When performing client driven migration, the client finds the PST marked by the last logged on user, contacts the Enterprise Vault (EV) server and starts to upload the PST in chunks.

The first chunk uploads and located in the PST Holding folder on the EV server. It will also appear under the Personal Store Management > Files section in the Administration Console (VAC). The PST is listed and shows a status of "Migrating" and never changes.

Client trace indicates it keeps retrying to migrate:

CPstClientMigrator::HasChunkFinishedMigrating: 0x0
CInternetSendData::QueryChunkStatus(): 0x0
CInternetSendData::OpenRequest: 0x0
~CInternetSendData::OpenRequest: 0x0
CInternetSendData::ReadStatusCode: 0x0
HttpQueryInfo text is 'Failed' status code is '257'
~CInternetSendData::ReadStatusCode: 0x0
~CInternetSendData::QueryChunkStatus(): 0x0
~CPstClientMigrator::HasChunkFinishedMigrating: 0x0
PST9163_1.db has not migrated. Retry in 1 minute.

Perform a dtrace of the following processes, and no errors are reported, but there is also see no activity




In most cases, this becomes an issue when there are multiple EV servers all or some hosting a Storage Service for specific Vault Stores. Each user archive is assigned to a vault store in which that vault store is controlled by the Storage Server. The important part is that a PST Migrator task is running on the server which hosts the vault store that the user is assigned to. See below for more information.


There are two criteria that need to be met to resolve:

1. A PST Migrator task is running on the server which hosts the vault store that the user is assigned to
2. The EV server on which the PST Migrator Task is running also has a Mailbox Archiving Task present

For Example:

a. TestUser has their archive on EVServer1. This is confirmed by looking in the VAC under  Archives > Exchange Mailbox.
b. Take note of the name of the Vault Store listed next to the archive name TestUser.
c. Now click on Vault Stores .  On the right pane, there is a list of all EV servers and the vault stores.
d. With the information in the previous step, now create the appropriate PST Migrator tasks on the proper servers.

Additional steps:

After confirming all the above and making the appropriate changes, the PST should then continue to migrate.  If for some reason it continues to stay in a stuck state, performing the following steps:

1. Refer Technote TECH50989 under Related Documents at the end of this article. Set the status to 100
2. Refresh the VAC and the PST should now show a status of "Do Not Migrate"
3. Go to the properties of the PST. On the General tab, select "Ready to Migrate" from the drop down menu and apply the changes.
4. Monitor the PST status as it should now continue to migrate. 

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