Cleaning job fails with error - 0xe000810d - Physical Volume Library Media not found. Even if a cleaning tape is present in the cleaning slot.

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The following error  occurs when cleaning tape in the cleaning slot

Error Message

0xe000810d - Physical Volume Library Media not found.


Cleaning job fails with the above error even if there is a cleaning tape in the cleaning slot. This has observed on Autoloaders and Robotic libraries like Quantum ADIC Scalar 24 having designated cleaning slots configured for Autoclean feature. Contact the hardware manufacturer or refer to the Autoloader documentation to find out more about this  feature. 

In the above example (refer screenshot) the robotic library is unable to find a cleaning tape in slot 1. The actual cleaning tape is in slot 23 which is marked as cleaning slot in Backup Exec.


1. Check the slot reported in the job log on which the cleaning job is failing.
2. Assign the mentioned slot in the job log as the cleaning slot in Backup Exec. Refer to the document in Related Document section for help.
2. Insert the cleaning tape into the slot mentioned.
3. Run the cleaning job again it should run fine now.


Contact the Hardware manufacturer to make the following changes to the library configuration:-

1. Disable the Autoclean feature on the Autoloader and change the # of cleaning slot to 0.

Please contact Veritas Technical Support if the above mentioned steps does not resolve the issue. 

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