Duplication job fails with error code 191

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Duplication job fails with error code 191

Error Message

Details of the job in the Activity Monitor:
Critical bpdm(pid=xxxxx) sts_read_image failed: error 2060017 system call failed
Critical bpdm(pid=xxxxx) image read failed: error 2060017: system call failed
bpdm Log entries : 
HostName: STSImageManager: read() failed on image file L:\NBU_TEST\client_1229949000_C1_F1.1229949000.img (error=1450, Unknown error)
STSImageManager: Caught exception in STSIMGImageManager::ReadImage, FILE=STSIMGImage.cpp, FUNCTION=STSIMGImage::ReadImage, LINE=204, ERROR=STS_ESYS


From the Microsoft's KB article 304101

One possible resolution is to restrict the backup so that it backs up one file at a time. This may or may not work depending on the sizes of the files to be backed up. (It is expected to work on files that are smaller than 180 gigabytes [GB].) You can also try this resolution if you are backing up several large files, but each file is smaller than 180 GB.



To fix this issue, do either of the following:
Fine-tune the PoolUsageMaximum, PagedPoolSize registry entries, as per TechNote 295563, found below in the Related Documents section.
Reduce the fragment size of the DSSU to a value less then 100 Gb , take another backup of the server, and then duplicate the images to Tape.



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