Differential backups of the Enterprise Vault (EV) Database with Backup Exec for Windows Servers fail with an error '0xe0008492 - Database Query Failure'.

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Differential backup of the Enterprise Vault (EV) Database is performed with Backup Exec for Windows Servers it fails with an error '0xe0008492 - Database Query Failure'. Full backups are successful.

The Job Log shows the following error:

'V-79-57344-33938 - An error occurred on a query to database <vault database name>'.


As per Best Practises for EV backups, it is mentioned :
  • By default, the SQL databases for Enterprise Vault have their "Recovery Model" set to FULL.  This requires a log backup to be performed in order to truncate/flush the SQL log files and maintain disk space on the SQL server. The Enterprise Vault Agent (EV Agent) for Backup Exec currently allows to perform a full database backup or a differential database backup only. There is not an option to perform a Log backup with Enterprise Vault agent.
  • To maintain logs for the EV databases on the SQL server, create a "Maintenance" task in SQL to run a scheduled log back up.
  • If a Full-Differential or a Full-Incremental strategy is being implemented to backup the EV resources using the EV agent, then while scheduling the "maintenance task" in SQL for the log backups please ensure that the task is run after the last Differential/Incremental job and before the next Full backup in Backup Exec. For example, If the Full backup is happening every Friday night and a Differential job is being run every night Monday to Thursday, then the "maintenance task" in SQL for the log backups should run anytime after the Thursday Differential job completes and before the Friday Full job is to run in Backup Exec.  
  • From the SQL Server Management Studio go to 'Maintenance Plans' under the 'Management' option.


  • Make sure the database on which backup is failing should not be a part of SQL Maintenance Plan.

How to edit Maintenance Plan:




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