Cannot open the Backup Exec System Recovery. It hangs while connecting to an agent

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Cannot open the Backup Exec System Recovery console. It hangs while connecting to an agent


When starting the Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) console on a system, it may hang while connecting to an agent.  This problem can occur if the "Backup Exec System Recovery" service is hung on the system the console is trying to connect to when opening. To correct this issue, a configuration file for the console can be edited so that the console attempts to connect to a different system when starting up.  

1. Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Backup Exec System Recovery\

2. Edit the RemoteComputers.xml in Notepad

3. Each computer which has been added to the BESR console will have a line which looks like one of the following lines:
<Computer Name="SERVER1" Selected="true" Local="false" />
<Computer Name="SERVER2" Selected="false" Local="false" />
<Computer Name="SERVER3" Selected="false" Local="false" />

4. The system where  Selected="true"  is set will be the computer the console tries to connect to when started. Change the  Selected="true"  to  Selected="false" for the problem computer. Then, change one of the other computers in the list to  Selected="true"

5. Save and close the RemoteComputers.xml

6. Start the Backup Exec System Recovery console. It will connect to the computer which was set to  Selected="true"  in step 4.

Note: This procedure only works if the local computer where the console is running is not in the list of computers.  If the local computer is in the list of computers, it will always be the default computer connected to when the console loads.

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