Items remain Pending when archiving to an EMC Centera Vault Store and/or items appear to be orphaned in the EMC Centera Temporary Collections area

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Items remain Pending when archiving to an EMC Centera Vault Store and/or items appear to be orphaned in the EMC Centera Temporary Collections area


When archiving items to an EMC Centera Storage Device, with collections enabled, the items being archived remain in a pending state and the collections location free space continues to decrease.

EMC Centera is a compliancy device with a proprietary storage process.  When Collections are enabled for an EMC Centera Partition, the items archived are placed in a collections area.  Once there are enough items (typically 100 items) in the collections location, the StorageFileWatch process will call the EMC component and these items are then stored to the Centera Device.

When the Storage Service starts, a scan is performed on the collections location to trawl the items in the collections area.  If the collections area has a large backlog of items unprocessed, it can take a long time for the Storage File Watch (SFW) process to parse the entire collections location.

As the Storage file Watch process scans this entire location, the collections area will continue to backlog as new items are being added.

It is possible to temporarily limit the amount of items that Storage File Watch will trawl through (Housekeeping) before it begins processing items from the location by adding the following registry key to the Enterprise Vault Server:
LocationFor Windows 32bit system:
HKLM\Software\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Storage\

For Windows 64bit system:
HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Storage\


  1. In order for this key to take effect, it is required to restart the Enterprise Vault Storage Service.
  2. Monitor the Collections area to confirm items are removed.
  3. This key is not designed to be used in day-to-day processing.  Once the Collections area is at a manageable size, remove this registry key and restart the Storage Service to return the Enterprise Vault Server to its default behavior. 
  4. This key must be removed for the StorageFileWatch process to fully parse the Collections area.  If not removed, dvs files may be left in the Collections area until the registry key is removed. The registry value may also degrade the Centera Collection performance.

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