How to restore Exchange 2007 database backup to a Recovery Storage Group.

How to restore Exchange 2007 database backup to a Recovery Storage Group.

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Follow the procedure below when creating a Recovery Storage Group (RSG) and performing a restore of the Exchange database backups to RSG.

1. Recovery Storage Group can be created using the Exchange Management Shell or Exchange Management Console, Exchange Recovery Management Toolbox. Open the Exchange Management Console on the Exchange Server, click on Toolbox and Database Recovery Management in the results pane (Figure 1).
Figure 1

2. Enter an identifying label to this activity, server name and domain name. Click Next.
Figure 2

3. Select a tasks : Click Create a Recovery Storage Group
Figure 3

4. Select the Storage Group to link with the Recovery Storage Group . Click Next.
Figure 4

5. Specify the Recovery Storage group name, Original Storage group path and Database name. Click Create.
Figure 5

6. Create the Recovery Storage Group Result will appear. Make sure RSG was successfully created. By default the newly created RSG is dismounted and can be overwritten by a restore.
Figure 6

7. Open the Backup, Archive and Restore window on the Exchange server.

8. Click OK on the warning message, if it appears (Figure 7).
Figure 7

9. Click File | Specify NetBackup Machines

10. Click the Clients/Policy Type tab, and select MS-Exchange for the Policy Type, and click OK (Figure 8).
Figure 8

11. Select the backup image and then the mailbox store and log files to restore (Figure 9).
Figure 9

12. Then click Actions | Start Restore of Marked Files.

13. On the Restore Marked Files window , Microsoft Exchange tab, leave everything as default unless changes are required.
Figure 10

14. On the Restore Marked Files window , General tab select Restore everything to a different location (maintaining existing structure).  
On the Destination field, specify the Recovery Storage Group Name entered in step 5.

If the default RSG name was accepted in step 5, the recovery storage group name is: Microsoft Information Store:\Recovery Storage Group\
Figure 11

15. Click Start Restore.

16. Click Yes on the View Status window to monitor the restore.




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