The message "GAB INFO V-15-1-20037 Port a gen [membership number] jeopardy ; [n]" appears in InfoScale and Storage Foundation HA for Windows

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The message "GAB INFO V-15-1-20037 Port a gen [membership number] jeopardy ; [n]" appears in the System log for Veritas Storage Foundation HA for Windows server.

Error Message

GAB INFO V-15-1-20037 Port a gen [membership number] jeopardy ; [n]

For example:
GAB INFO V-15-1-20037 Port a gen 8d704   jeopardy ;1



A status of jeopardy means that only one heartbeat is alive between the affected node and the rest of the cluster (Figure 1).

The number following the message is the node ID for the node that is in jeopardy. This ID corresponds with the IDs that are stored in llthosts.txt.

Figure - 1


A status of jeopardy can be caused by many things, including the following:
  • A physical connectivity problem with the NIC, cable or switch. To test network connectivity on the heartbeat network, bind TCP/IP to the NICs and use Ping to verify that the nodes can communicate with each other.
  • One of more of the nodes may be very busy or low on resources. This may cause the node to be slow to respond to heartbeats.
  • A configuration problem within VCS (Veritas Cluster Server). Ensure that llttab.txt contains valid MAC addresses for the heartbeat nics.
  • For a link low-pri heartbeat, the port that used for heartbeats may be blocked. By default, VCS uses port 4145 UDP for heartbeats.
  • If these messages only occur immediately after a reboot, it may not indicate that there is a problem with the cluster. This is sometimes caused by differences in timing between the heartbeats of the nodes. Once the nodes have detected each other over all heartbeat paths, the messages should stop.


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