One or more SQL Database consistency checks have failed" appears in the backup job log while backing up Microsoft SQL Server or SQL databases

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Error "0xe0008443 - One or more SQL Database consistency checks have failed" appears in the backup job log while backing up Microsoft SQL Server or SQL databases.

Error Message

Final error: 0xe0008443 - One or more SQL Database consistency checks have failed.
Final error category: Resource Errors
For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-33859
The job log also reports the following error:
             "An unknown or unexpected database error occurred while attempting a DBCC."
V-79-65323-3224 - An error occurred on a query to database


SQL has found some inconsistencies with the database/s mentioned in the job log.


Backup Exec has the ability to check the logical and physical consistency of SQL data before and after a backup. SQL reports any consistency check failures in the Backup Exec job log. Symantec strongly recommends running consistency checks either before or after SQL backups.
Backup Exec's consistency check uses the following SQL consistency check utilities:
The consistency check that is run is actually a part of the SQL program and Backup Exec merely triggers the consistency check. If errors are reported, try running the DBCCs manually through SQL.
How  to check the Database consistency in SQL:
1. Open SQL Management Studio and connect to the SQL instance
2. Click on "New Query".
3. Type the following commands and click on "Execute"
use DatabaseName
dbcc checkdb
NOTE: DatabaseName is the name of the database that is visible in the Job log of the failed SQL job.
For more information, see the Microsoft SQL Server documentation.
The results will show you if SQL has encountered any inconsistencies or not. If inconsistencies are encountered, please contact your SQL Administrator to resolve the inconsistencies.
Note: Follow the workaround mentioned below only if it is believed that a backup of the database in its current state is better than no backup at all, or if backing up a very large database with only a small problem in a table.

Select the option "Continue with backup if consistency check fails" under Tools | Options - Set application defaults | Microsoft SQL and rerun the backup. (Figure 2)

          Figure 2


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