"VxVM vxassist ERROR V-5-1-437 Cannot allocate space to mirror block volume" is returned by vxassist mirror

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The command "vxassist mirror" fails to mirror a striped volume even though disk group has enough free space


Storage Foundation requires that mirrored plexes do not share disk media. By default, Storage Foundation will attempt to create a mirror plex with the same layout as the original plex.


For example:

vxprint shows that the volume named "hvol" is a stripe volume with 3 columns. It is using disk01, disk03, and disk04.

# vxprint -g demodg -htq

dg demodg       default      default  0        1171477255.1025.mtvv240-06

dm disk01       Disk_1       auto     2888     71124291 -
dm disk02       Disk_21      auto     5111     35533512 -
dm disk03       Disk_19      auto     5111     35533512 -
dm disk04       Disk_20      auto     5111     35533512 -
v  hvol         -            ENABLED  ACTIVE   81920    SELECT    hvol-01  fsgen
pl hvol-01      hvol         ENABLED  ACTIVE   86490    STRIPE    3/128    RW
sd disk01-01    hvol-01      disk01   2888     28890    0/0       Disk_1   ENA
sd disk03-01    hvol-01      disk03   0        28116    1/0       Disk_19  ENA
sd disk04-02    hvol-01      disk04   207036   28116    2/0       Disk_20  ENA

The mirror creation fails because volume manager is attempting to create a new, 3-column plex. But there is only 1 disk available. 

# vxassist -g demodg mirror hvol
VxVM vxassist ERROR V-5-1-437 Cannot allocate space to mirror 81920 block volume
# vxassist -g demodg maxsize
Maximum volume size: 171134976 (83562Mb)



1. First, use vxassist to confirm that there is enough free space.

For example:

# vxassist -g <dg> maxsize
Maximum volume size: <number_of_blocks> (<number_of_megabytes>Mb)

2. If there is enough free space, use vxassist to specify layout attributes for the new mirror that conform to your available disk structure.

# vxassist -g demodg mirror hvol layout=concat alloc=disk02

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