How to bulk reset the MessageClass using third party software called "DocMessageClass.exe" for items that are stuck in an archive pending state.


The DocMessageClass tool can be used to reset the message class of the archive pending emails so they can be picked up again by the Archive or Journaling tasks.

Note: DocMessageClass tool is a third party software which can reset archived items provided that the Shortcut contains the message body.  Then once the message is reset it will be re-archived when it reaches the archive criteria since the modified date is changed to the date when the message class is reset on the item.


The utility is located in the attachments section of the article.

The following procedure can be run from any machine as long as the user has access to the mailbox with the archive pending items.

1. Open the Outlook profile for the affected mailbox.

2. Run the DocMessageClass.exe (Figure 1).

Figure 1:

3. Click the Show Folders button (Figure 2).

Figure 2:

4. Depending upon the option, either choose to configure the desired Exchange server or click OK to select the default Outlook profile for affected Mailbox (Figure 3 & 4).

Figure 3:

Figure 4:

5. Highlight the folder that contains the archive pending items, in the example below this is called "Pending" (Figure 5).

Figure 5:

6. In the Change Message Class(es) from: field highlight IPM.Note.EntepriseVault.PendingArchive and In Change MessageClass to: field Select IPM.NOTE and then check the Reset Icons box and click Convert MessageClass (Figure 6).

Figure 6:

7. Close DocMessageClass - Outlook.

8. Open Outlook.

9. Confirm that the Pending Icons have changed by looking at the message class and/or icon in Outlook.

Note: In most cases the need for this utility has been replaced by the Pending Shortcut Timeout setting in the applicable policy




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