The Enterprise Vault (tm) Admin Service shuts down with Event ID 4143 in the application event log due to insufficient disk space.

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Enterprise Vault (EV) writes temporary files during the archiving process to the Vault Service Account (VSA) user profile temporary location.  If this location is on a drive with limited space the drive can become full causing the EV services to shut down.  The Event ID 4143 will be seen in the EV Event Viewer log.  This can affect other operations as well if the VSA temporary location is on the System Drive.   These temporary files are removed after they have been successfully processed.  

Error Message

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Enterprise Vault
Event ID: 4143
Insufficient Diskspace is available on drives %1 and %2 for the Enterprise Vault to run Enterprise Vault will now be shutdown; to correct this problem, delete any unwanted files and restart Enterprise Vault 



Change the temporary file location for the VSA by performing the following procedures.  

1.  Open the Properties on My Computer (Figure 1).

Figure 1

2.  Click on the Advanced tab and choose Environment Variables (Figure 2).  

Figure 2

3.  Modify the TEMP and TMP variables by highlighting the variable and choosing Edit.  Change the Variable value to point to a location on another disk with more free space and click OK (Figure 3).  For example: E:\Temp

Figure 3

4.  Verify that the folder exists in the path added in step 3.  The folder should be added if it does not exist.

5.  Log Off of the computer and then Log On to ensure the change has taken affect.



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